PED/Infant/NICU/Preemie Solutions

Soft comfortable ID bracelet is available in preemie and newborn sizes.  

  • ID band is easily repositioned on wrist or ankle to accommodate IV site changes
  • Prevents harm to baby’s delicate skin
  • Eliminates the need for plastic or metal ID bands.
  • Allows ID band to remain on patient at all times, not taped to outside of isolette.
  • Hook and loop closure – no adhesive tape!

Direct Thermal Security Labels for Foam ID Bracelets

  • 2 ¼”L x 7/8″H
  • Accommodates both bar codes and patient data
  • Tamper evident slits
  • Resistant to water and alcohol

Infant Thermal Band

Infant Thermal Band wristbands provide positive patient identification for newborns using bar code technology to help ensure patient safety.

  • Provides a flat surface for best bar code scanning results, eliminating curvature issues
  • Special coated direct thermal surface protects print and bar code from water, soap and hand sanitizer
  • No fold-over laminate required to protect printed information
  • Accommodates most thermal printers
  • Accepts both linear and 2D bar codes
  • Easy to apply adhesive closure ensures safety and security

DataRay Pediatric Direct Thermal Band with Aztec Wraparound Bar Code

  • New Soft Compuband features softer material
  • Provides high quality bar code for scanning and accurate patient ID
  • Supports text, linear and 2D bar codes, photos, and graphics
  • Tamperproof, secure snap closure

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