Barcode Integration and Label Reformatting


DataRay Label Formatting Technology

  • Allows users to “REMAP” label reports as needed
  • Advanced formatting of system data stream for custom label production
  • No requirement for PSR programming or extra server/software installation
  • Allows user to change label layout, add barcodes, font selection, fixed data, etc.
  • Barcode addition facilitates bedside BPOC and Medication Administration Verification
  • Accommodates “SuperLabel” reformatting

Facilitates migration to the new Institute for Safe Medical Practices (ISMP) Guidelines for Hospital Pharmacy Label Formats (see

DataRay Network Printserver


  • Provides plug-n-play replacement of problematic dot matrix printers with reliable thermal printer
  • Allows Printserver storage of multiple maps for different label formats
  • Includes DataRay assistance in development of custom label design 
  • Allows printing different label formats by indicating which map is required via the Input Data File
  • Small, advanced technology DataRay Printserver attaches to each printer  

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