Tall Man Lettering

The confusion of similar drug names is one of the most common causes of medication errors. DataRay’s Tall Man Lettering is designed to reduce these errors by altering the appearance of similar drug names and making them easily distinguishable.

TML utilizes upper and lower case letters to identify one drug from another. By altering the way drug names appear on the label, two drugs similar in appearance now look drastically different.

Without TML
Ephedrine ePHEDrine
Epinephrine EPINEPHrine

DataRay’s TML feature provides the customer a modifiable list of TML words, including the drug names established by the FDA’s Office of Generic Drugs as prone to look-a-like medication errors.

Using TML as a safety precaution can save pharmacies from filling a prescription incorrectly and delivering the wrong, possibly harmful, drug to the patient.

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