Thermal Lineup

DataRay’s medical label and wristband printers are designed as a preferred alternative to using impact or laser printers for printing labels, as well as the embosser machines still used by many. For label printing there is no more appropriate solution than to use a label printer.

With DataRay’s printers put into operation in various departments throughout the hospital, a large amount of hospitals are finding them to be the most cost effective solution. These printers are ideal for many of the following reasons:

  •  Low failure rates
  • Extremely long life spans
  • Quiet printing
  • Fast print speed
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Small size
  • High quality bar codes
  • Reliability

Below is specific information on some of the most commonly used DatatRay printers in hospitals today:

ZEBRA ZD420 Healthcare Desktop Printer

ZD420-HC printers deliver features and functionality that take deployment and management simplicity, ease-of-use and application flexibility to a new level. The ZD420-HC is designed specifically for healthcare with disinfectant-ready plastics, a sealed button interface and a healthcare-compliant power supply. The ZD420-HC brings reliability and accuracy for critical healthcare environments.

ZEBRA ZT230 Industrial Printer

ZT230 Industrial Printer has a durability of a metal frame and cover with an icon based LCD graphical user interface and larger label capacity for long lasting use in demanding environments.

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