Professional Barcode Consulting

DataRay commonly goes onsite to originate discussions of barcode integration and then continues with thorough involvement with the hospital to make sure that the barcode implementation works efficiently with the staff’s existing operating procedures and achieves the desired patient safety goals.

In our original onsite meeting with the hospital, we generally like to have head of all relevant departments, including IT, admitting, nursing, pharmacy, and any patient safety personnel. In our initial meeting, we usually discuss the following items:

Hospital Barcode Integration

  • Preparation for Patient Bedside Medication Verification Systems
  • Different barcode symbologies / RFID / migration to future applications
  • Five best practices to assure 100% readability of wristband bar codes
  • DataRay Aztec Wristband Wraparound Technology
  • Medication verification checking software
  • Bar-code compatibility with existing Glucometer Lab Scanners
  • Patient safety technologies to prevent bar code reading workarounds
  • Introduction of bar-coding to Pharmacy Med and IV Labels

Hardware and Consumables

  • How thermal printer technology compares with laser for printing wristbands
  • How they compare for printing labels / How to print thermal labels in pharmacy
  • Different materials and types of armbands and labels
  • Ped, infant, NICU, and preemie identification solutions
  • How to work towards a complete embosser displacement solution

HIS Software / Interfacing Technologies

  • Comparison of the two primary types of advanced healthcare printing systems
  • DataRay thermal printer interface solution
  • DataRay MedMap report reformatting technology
  • DataRay laser forms printing solution
  • Inter-compatibility of future healthcare systems and applications

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