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DataRay thermal label and wristband printers are specifically designed to attach and print barcodes for many different Hospital Information Systems as an immediate and efficient solution, offering the most cost effective means to migrate off unsafe, undependable embosser equipment, to providing reliable, accurate labels and wristbands with exceptional readability.

Implementing a bar coding system provides solutions to a wide variety of obstacles many hospitals and other healthcare facilities often face. A patient’s information can be put in the form of a mere ID number that when scanned, displays information assigned to that specific number. Utilizing barcodes provides a means of accessing a patient’s medical records and information easily and instantaneously, but at the same time, gives the patient the privacy they desire.

One of the most effective ways to improve patient safety is by using bar-coded wristbands combined with an automated medication administration system. Using a barcode/scanner system, hospitals can drastically reduce and prevent unnecessary medication administration errors, while increasing patient/employee satisfaction and peace of mind. By incorporating DataRay’s bar-coded labels and wristbands with an automated medication administration system, the “Five Rights” can be checked automatically and immediately: right patient, right medication, right dose, right time, and right method of administration. With this method of patient and medication verification, healthcare professionals can be sure that the patient will be identified correctly with accurate information given every time.

DataRay printers can also generate a label without interface to the network or Hospital Information System. The DataRay 2D barcode or Label Duplicator Code (LDC) allows healthcare professionals to print duplicate labels containing patient’s necessary information even if the Hospital Information System shuts down. This down-time solution allows labels to be printed at the patient’s bedside for immediate labeling of blood or other samples collected, leaving no room for confusion during transport to the lab or uncertainty of which sample belongs to which patient, narrowing the gap for human error and increasing protection of the patient.

In addition to providing efficiency, accuracy, and reliability, DataRay offers the patient safety feature of “Tall Man Lettering” (TML). Tall Man Lettering is a drug identification tool used in pharmacy labeling that is designed to reduce medication errors. Tall Man Lettering helps healthcare professionals detect certain drugs that could possibly be confused with other drugs due to similar names and appearances. By altering the way labels appear, medication mix-ups are more likely to be prevented. By implementing TML, the two drugs look drastically different. Using TML as a safety precaution could possibly save pharmacies from filling the prescription incorrectly and avoid delivering the patient the wrong, possibly harmful drug. The DataRay solution provides the customer with a modifiable list of TML words, including the drug names the FDA’s Office of Generic Drugs has established as prone to look-a-like drug name medication errors, once again without the need for integrating additional software or servers into the Hospital Information System.

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